Smartphones are not just for young people. They can also be used by the elderly, although in some cases we have seen companies such as Fujitsu create smartphones designed specifically for our elders. This usually comes in the form of large icons, big text, and simplified buttons that don’t overly complicate its functions.

That being said we could have a new player in town by the name of EziSmart. This isn’t a phone but rather a smartphone case. As you can see in the prototype above, the EziSmart basically adds a physical keyboard to your smartphone. The way the keyboard is laid out is reminiscent of keypads back in the day.

This should be familiar for older users. They are also concave so that those who might have motor problems can still depress the button securely. The EziSmart was developed by Richard Chan who apparently was inspired by his mother. “I got the idea when my elderly mother back in England suffered a series of serious strokes. It was expensive to call, and her disability made it impossible for her to communicate using Skype, even though she had all her faculties.”

As it stands, the EziSmart is in prototype and Chan is working with SINTEF researchers to help turn it into a reality. It is also on Kickstarter trying to raise funds for itself, so to learn more, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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