google doubleclick ads billboardIf there is one unique feature of Google’s online ads is that they are surprisingly accurate. Based on what you’ve searched for and the kind of sites you visit, sometimes Google’s ads can deliver ads that are kind of creepy in the sense that it seems to be able to pinpoint your interests and the kind of things that you want.


In fact according to a report from Business Insider, Google has recently decided to run a proof-of-concept campaign by bringing its DoubleClick web ads to real-life and placing them onto billboards. However since there are just too many people passing by in real-life, obviously these ads can cater to them individually.

Instead, these ads will rely on weather, travel information, sporting events, and more to determine what ads to play. For example if it is a hot day, maybe ads for a refreshing beverages would play. These ads are currently being trialed in London and are expected to run through the month of November.

That being said, Google is not the first company to have such ads. There have been other similar campaigns run in the past, but what makes this interesting is the interest shown by Google in expanding beyond the web. Whether or not these ads by Google will become a mainstay in advertising remains to be seen.

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