Smartwatches are a great idea. To receive notifications on your wrist is a great alternative to having to keep checking your phone. However the downside is that smartwatches aren’t always the most classy-looking device you can wear, and if you want to turn your current regular timepiece into a smart one, you’re in luck.


There is a Kickstarter campaign for a device called the Trivoly. The idea is simple: it is a small circular black object that adheres to the bottom of your watch. From there, it will pair with your smartphone and will be able to notify you when you receive notifications. It also features a built-in optical heart rate sensor and step counter, and will also allow users to control the camera and music playback all from your wrist.

Its creators claim that it will work with just about any watch, so if you want to turn your $10,000 luxury Swiss timepiece into a smartwatch, then you should be able to. It measures 3mm thin so it shouldn’t be too bulky. It also can be removed easily with any residue (so they claim) meaning that you can swap between watches if that’s what you want.

It’s a clever idea and if you’d like to help make the Trivoly a reality, then just head on over to its Kickstarter page and pledge your support, or watch the video above to learn more about it.

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