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As cool as headsets like Google Glass would be for everyday use by regular folks, it seems that they might have more use in the industrial side. It was reported that earlier this year that despite Google deciding to discontinue Glass, it still has found a surge in use amongst industrial workers where factory workers for Boeing, Daimler, and UPS found a use for them.

Volkswagen has also recently been trialing similar technology and it looks like the trial was a success. The company has recently announced that these augmented reality 3D smart glasses will now be a standard issue for its plant logistics personnel. With these glasses, employees will be able to find storage location of components, part numbers, and because the glasses respond to voice, employees won’t need to use their hands to operate them.

According to Reinhard de Vries, Volkswagen’s head of Plant Logistics at Wolfsburg, “Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in production. The 3D smart glasses take cooperation between humans and systems to a new level.” These glasses are also not mandatory and employees who are interested can take them for a spin. Right now it has been estimated that there are around 30 employees who have adopted the technology as part of their work.

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