We’re not sure if you’ve been keeping tabs on world news lately outside of reading about the latest Internet trends, but there’s some serious stuff going on in North Korea these days. Nearly everyone is watching to see what Kim Jong-un will do, while also preparing for the worst-case scenario at the same time. But infamous hacker group Anonymous has taken the initiative to launch a cyber attack at North Korea’s social network accounts.

Not only has Anonymous claim to be responsible for the hacking of North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr account, they’ve also forced North Korean news agency Uriminzokkiri to go offline and claim they have accessed 15,000 usernames and passwords from a university database. Anonymous has used the hacked accounts to relay their “Operation Free Korea” message to call for Kim Jong-un’s resignation as the leader of North Korea to be replaced with a democratic government, as well as to give the people of North Korea uncensored Internet access.

As much as we appreciate Anonymous’ efforts, we have a weird feeling somehow North Korea will take this as a U.S.-based cyber attack, which will result in things only escalating further. At this point, they’re looking for any reason at all to do anything to anyone these days.

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