apple a9xApple’s iOS devices are all powered by the company’s A-series of chipsets. These chipsets are based on ARM’s design but they feature custom cores and microarchitecture, kind of like what Samsung and other OEMs are doing when they create their own chipsets. However as for the GPU, it seems that almost everyone turns to third-party companies.

In Apple’s case, they use PowerVR graphics from Imagination Technologies, but if a recent rumor is to the believed, it seems that the Cupertino company might actually be building their own mobile GPU. Apparently this isn’t a new development as Apple is said to have been working on the technology for years.

However given that to date we are still seeing PowerVR’s GPUs in Apple’s iOS products, either the rumors are false or Apple’s development of the GPU is nowhere near completion. In fact the rumors claim that it could actually take Apple a few more years before the GPU is ready for primetime.

Apple is a company that is known for controlling as much of its hardware and software as possible, so the idea for Apple to create their own GPU isn’t that much of a stretch. However such an endeavor would no doubt be a very expensive investment, but then again it’s not like Apple doesn’t have the cash, right? In any case until we hear and see otherwise, take it with a grain of salt for now.

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