Over the past couple of years Dropbox has made several online services to move beyond its core business of being a cloud storage company. For example it came out with Mailbox to dabble into email and even launched a photo gallery app called Carousel. Both of them were meant to extend the company’s influence from cloud storage service to niches where there’s already quite a bit of competition. The plan doesn’t seem to have worked since Dropbox has confirmed that it’s going to shut down both Mailbox and Carousel early next year.

it was back in April last year that Dropbox released its very own email client Mailbox, it was well received, but the userbase didn’t grow as rapidly as the company would have wanted. Instead there remained a dedicated yet not that big community of users who relied on Mailbox for their email needs.Dropbox actually acquired the team behind Mailbox merely a month after the app surfaced on the App Store.

It took over an year for Mailbox to finally arrive on Android yet the service couldn’t even live long enough to see its second anniversary. Dropbox has confirmed that Mailbox will be shut down on February 26th, after which snooze messages will be returned to the inbox while labels created in Mailbox will live on in Gmail and iCloud.

As far as Carousel is concerned Dropbox says that this app was created to provide users with an alternative way to interact with images stored with Dropbox and yet majority of the users continued to access their pictures through the main Dropbox app. Hence there’s really no need to keep the service around, Carousel will bite the dust on March 31st.

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