dvf-google-glass-framesAs many of you guys know by now, Google is working on a redesigned Google Glass in which it will be completely redesigned from scratch. Unfortunately a specific release date has yet to be determined but it seems that we can expect at least more than one version. This is according to a report from The Information (paywall; via Engadget) who claims that there are at least three versions of Glass in the works.

According to the report, they claim that there are at least three different versions of Glass that Google is working on, and that one of the versions has no glass at all. Instead it seems to suggest that this version will focus more on audio which we have to wonder if it could end up being some kind of glorified Bluetooth headset, but we’ll have to reserve judgement until we can actually see it.

That being said, this particular version is said to function more of a sport device, so perhaps it might work together with your phone or have sensors built into it that could give the wearer directions and instructions for certain types of training, but this is just speculation on our part for now.

The remaining two models are expected to keep their screens, and that at least one version will be designed for enterprise use. We have heard rumors of such a version in the works and it wouldn’t exactly be a stretch. After all we have seen various companies take advantage of the current Glass for use in commercial settings, so a new and improved version makes sense.

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