We’re sure you’ve seen in movies, cartoons, or even in real-life where for the sake of entertainment, people have been shot out of cannons. Now we’re also sure that many of you guys are curious as to what it might look or feel like, but are sane enough to not want to try it for yourself.

The good news is that you can now experience that from the safety of your computer. The good folks over at Eclectical Engineering have recently shot some footage using a GoPro where it was fired from a cannon, resulting in some pretty amazing but potentially nauseating footage that might be worth checking out.

They started by building an air-powered cannon and a 3D printed cannonball. They then attached the tiny GoPro Hero4 Session onto the cannonball, put it inside the cannon, and fired. Now the cannonball was built with some stabilizing fins but it seems that it did little to help it as the resulting footage is a pretty crazy, but amazing, mess.

If you want to check out the footage, then watch the video above if you have a few minutes to spare, but like we said the footage is a bit nauseating due to the amount of spinning involved, so be warned if you’re the type that suffers from motion sickness easily.

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