It seems that over in Japan, they are getting pretty creative with its drones. For example recently we heard about how local law enforcement agencies will deploy a drone with a net to catch rogue drones, and now it seems that Japanese security company Secom has come up with a new security drone.

This drone will do more than just fly about and search for intruders. Nope, it seems that this drone is a bit like a guard dog where upon detection of an intruder, it will actually be able to chase after them and will snap pictures, like a face or a vehicle’s license plate, which will then be sent to Secom’s monitoring center for further analysis.

It is also equipped with LED lights so that at night, it will be able to make out its subjects better. However in the event that there is a high-speed car chase, the drone will be pretty much useless as its top speed is set at 10kmph, meaning that cars will have no trouble outrunning it. The drone does not come cheap as it is priced at around $6,575 and will see a monthly rental fee of around $40. If you’d like to see it in action, do check out the video above courtesy of Kyodo News.

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