When it comes to cooking up weird, interesting, and wonderful ideas, Lexus isn’t one to shy away. Recently we saw the company show off an actual hoverboard that they have been working on, and it was a couple of months ago that they actually put together an electric car made entirely out of cardboard.

If you thought those inventions were amazing, Lexus has recently come up with a new stunt that’s just as impressive: a car whose wheels are made entirely out of ice. The car is the Lexus NX and its wheels are made from ice completely by hand. Apparently each wheel took four sculptors 36 hours to finish.

This is because Lexus wanted the ice wheels to resemble actual wheels and even outfitted the wheels with acrylic spokes so as to help the wheels support the weight of the car. They even tossed in some blue LEDs just for a very cool effect. Now in terms of how they performed, we suppose it doesn’t really take a scientist to figure out that wheels made out of ice probably doesn’t have the best traction.

We can also imagine that they would eventually melt but at the same time, it is a pretty cool (pun intended) idea and if you’d like to check it out, watch the video above for the details.

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