When it comes to choosing a car, it it also about choosing the color. Color is important because sometimes it can affect the resale value. For example choosing a funky and bright design might be great for you, but the next person buying it might be more conservative and would look elsewhere for a similar model with more toned down colors.

That being said, Lexus might have solved this problem with the Lexus LIT. This is a 2017 Lexus IS that has been covered with over 40,000 LEDs, or to be more specific, covered with 41,999 LEDs whose colors can be changed on the fly or programmed in a way that could make it pulse with different colors, flash patterns, and so on. Safe to say it would be pretty damn distracting on the roads, but we guess that’s not really the point.

Now it’s safe to say that the Lexus LIT isn’t a production model, meaning that you’ll probably never get to buy it, and even if you could it would most definitely not be road legal. However Lexus said that the idea behind this concept was meant to “provoke”, which we have to say that they have done a pretty good job of. In any case you can check out the car’s LEDs in action in the video above.

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