Right now the majority of electric cars look and feel like a regular gas-powered car. However, Lexus has recently taken the wraps off their concept electric car, known as the LF-30, and if this is what the future of electric cars could look like, then you can definitely count us in as being extremely interested.

Given that this is a concept vehicle, design-wise we suppose it’s fair that Lexus went to town on it and gave it a pretty extreme look. We’re talking about sharp edges and gull-wing doors that helps to create that futuristic, but potentially achievable look. It even comes with a glass roof so that the car will be able to let in sunlight naturally.

Lexus has also reimagined the driving experience, where the company is looking to introduce what they are calling “advanced posture control” that will help maintain the driver’s line of sight level. This is achieved by adjusting the torque on each wheel thanks to electric motors being built into each of the wheels itself.

The LF-30 will even come with a built-in drone called the Lexus Airporter that will be able to deliver baggage from your car to your door so that you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. That being said, this is only a concept so it is unclear if the company actually plans on making the LF-30 (or how much it would cost if it were to be made), but what do you think? Is the Lexus LF-30 an electric car you could get behind on?

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