wifi-banana-590x330Have you ever gone to a cafe or to someone’s home and asked for their WiFi password, only for it to be long and complicated (as all passwords should be, we might add). Some places have dealt with this by providing written passwords on sheets of paper, but Redditor Sysvival (via Geek) decided to come up with a unique way of distributing said password.


As you can see in the photo above, Sysvival’s invention is basically a banana which when pressed, will generate a WiFi password that will be displayed on the screen above it. According to his description, he was originally tasked with creating a spreadsheet, but apparently spreadsheets aren’t his thing, hence leading to this invention.

“I was tasked with setting up a captive portal, and creating 8 hour vouchers in a spreadsheet. I don’t do spreadsheets. So I put the vouchers in a Raspberry PI, and hooked it up to a banana. When you touch the banana, you get an 8 hour voucher for our guest wifi. (the 3 sec timeout is only for demoing). The PI has 5000, 8 hour vouchers. We are open ~200 days a year. If we have 10 guests a day, then this will work unattended for a couple of years easily. No more printing of vouchers. No nagging receptionist.”

It is a bit of a novelty but a pretty imaginative one at that. Of course, it will need changing once in a while as the banana will eventually go rotten, but as far as DIY projects are concerned, we love it!

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