flash playerFlash was a much beloved format for the web back in the day. It led to some pretty interesting web design, and also introduced a new way for people to play games in their browser. However fast forward to today, Flash has slowly been replaced by other formats and according to a report from Encoding.com (via The Verge), it could soon be dead.

According to their report, they estimate that in the next 2 years, Flash could very well be dead and be a thing of the past. The report claims that Flash only makes up 6% of mobile and web video in 2015. This is a significant decrease from 2014 in which Flash accounted for 21% of mobile and web videos.

Based on this, they expect Flash to go the way of the dinosaur pretty soon. This shouldn’t really be surprising considering that Flash has had many security issues that has led to Adobe frantically trying to patch it. Even Adobe themselves have started to move away from Flash, with websites like Facebook and Twitch who have started to use HTML5 instead of Flash for video content.

Heck, for all we know it could happen a lot faster, thanks to technology like H.265 and HEVC, but what do you guys say? Will you miss the good old days when Flash used to rule the web?

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