It looks like there is always some bit of friendly sibling rivalry going on here (after all, LG and Samsung hail from the same country), which adds up to good fun for everyone. After all, having a sense of humor is always an important facet of life, and with Samsung Mobile reminding the world earlier today that folks can juice up Galaxy S6 edge+ “from zero to full in just 90 minutes” courtesy of its integrated fast charging capabilities, LG USA Mobile decided to send some fun Samsung’s way through a tweet, citing, “Go from zero to full instantly with a removable battery.” In that tweet, a link to the official LG V10 webpage was included.

It sure as heck looks as though the fight between having a replaceable battery and a non-replaceable battery continues, as there are pros and cons to each segment. While both the LG V10 and the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6+ claim to come with 3,000mAh batteries, they last differently simply because the rest of the hardware are different. Personally, I would prefer a replaceable battery since if anything goes wrong with the battery, it is a simple matter of swapping it with a new one. Oh yeah, and placing a fresh, fully juiced battery beats waiting for an empty tank to charge up.

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