Self-driving cars are going to be a part of our future. Sincere and serious efforts are being made to ensure that this technology is safe enough to be put on public roads. Some expect that by 2020 self-driving cars will become normal. Perhaps that timeline doesn’t work for the government, according to a new report the Obama administration is actually going to announce plans to speed up development of self-driving cars in the country tomorrow.

Reuters cites government officials in its report who say that the administration is going to announce these plans at the Detroit Auto Show on Thursday. Head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Mark Rosekind has told reporters that Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary, will talk about the administration’s plans at the event.

Google, a company has invested a lot of its time and resources in autonomous driving technology, has confirmed that it’s going to be a part of tomorrow’s announcement by the transportation secretary. Car manufacturers based in Detroit are also expected to participate.

There doesn’t exist a clear legal framework to bring self-driving cars on the road in the United States, the government and regulators working under it have much to do to pave the way for these cars to eventually become common. Perhaps the first of those efforts might be announced tomorrow.

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