polarbalance[CES 2016] Weighing scales found in bathrooms are pretty common, but if you’d like to learn more about yourself than just your weight, a smart weighing scale might be in order and you will be pleased to learn that Polar has recently announced the Polar Balance, a weighing scale that will help with your weight management.

Basically instead of just showing you your weight, the Polar Balance is also able to provide motivational feedback, like providing the user with user-specific weight loss advice, such as increasing your daily activity or decreasing the number of calories that you consume. It will also tie in with the Polar Flow app to help log your weight and help you keep track of your progress.

According to Jukka Jaatinen, Director, New Business Areas from Polar, “We’ve combined our existing technology and know-how with the weight management concept to come up with a unique solution. Polar Balance is motivating and easy to use – for losing and maintaining weight. We want to give our users the best possible tools to help them achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

The Polar Balance is not the first smart scale we’ve seen. Prior to this, we’ve seen other companies such as Garmin and Withings launch similar products. In fact just recently, Under Armour launched a similar device themselves at CES 2016. That being said if you’d like to get your hands on the Polar Balance, it should be available via Polar’s website where it is priced at $99.

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