amazon echoIn 2014, Amazon launched the Amazon Echo speakers. The device itself wasn’t particularly big, but safe to say that it also wasn’t exactly a size that you would be able to comfortably fit into a backpack or take with you on trips. However, that could soon change, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The report claims that in the coming weeks, Amazon could be launching a smaller/portable version of the Amazon Echo. Not only will the new Echo be smaller and essentially more portable, but it will also be priced cheaper, although their sources did not tell them exactly by how much, but basically the lower price tag is meant to help draw in more customers.

For those who are learning about the Echo for the first time, this is a wireless speaker from Amazon. However, it does so much more than a regular pair of speakers, thanks to the fact that it has a voice assistant baked into it. This means that you can give it instructions, ask it to help you search up information, and more.

It will be able to search up traffic and weather, look up information on local businesses, integrate with certain smart home devices, and recently one of its newer features is its ability to even help you with your workouts.

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