Samsung is a big name in the TV industry and every year at the Consumer Electronic Show it comes out with new models that are significantly better than its predecessors. Despite the fact that it heavily relies on Super AMOLED display for its mobile devices the company hasn’t adopted the technology with such vigor for its TVs. According to a new report, that’s going to change starting next year.

It’s not that Samsung has never come out with an OLED TV, it did release some models, but they were later removed from its lineup. Since then there has been no indication from the company showing its interest in moving back to OLED TVs.

A report from OLED Association predicts that Samsung is going to reintroduce OLED TVs in 2017 and they will tout 8K resolution with HDR support. It’s also predicted that Samsung might not use soluble OLEDs for its TVs as they have a shorter lifespan, instead, it might go for a top-emission architecture with an IGZO backplane, RBGW pixel arrangement and a transparent graphene electrode.

Obviously, there’s no confirmation from Samsung yet about any  of this so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, if it does decide to bring back its OLED TV lineup, we can expect the announcement to be made at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.

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