As expected of Samsung, they have shown off a bunch of new, impressive, and expensive TVs at CES 2016. However Samsung also had a booth at CES called the Future TV Zone which basically shows off some of their concepts of what TVs in the future could look like, and one of those concepts involves modular TVs.

The idea of modularity isn’t new but we are starting to see it slowly creep into technology, such as modular smartphones and even modular smartwatches, so we guess the idea of modular displays shouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination either. However what we love about these modular TVs is that they are automated, and can move and rearrange themselves according to your needs.

For example if advertisers wanted to display vertical ads, the displays could split themselves up in four columns of vertical displays. However if they needed a widescreen format, they could then merge together to form a widescreen display. This will also come in handy at home for movies or TV shows where depending on how the video was shot, the TVs could arrange themselves in 16:9 or 21:9 screen ratios.

Of course it will definitely be a while before such technology becomes commercially available and widely adopted in our homes, but as a concept what do you guys make of it? Do you see this as being a possible future for TVs?

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