steelseries rival 700Gaming mice are a dime a dozen and with so many options to choose from, gamers are pretty much spoilt for choice. However if you’re looking for a more hi-tech gaming mouse, SteelSeries might have something for you in the form of the Rival 700. This is a recently announced gaming mouse with some interesting features.

For starters it seems that the Rival 700 will actually sport an OLED display on its side. Now prior to this, some SteelSeries gaming mice already had displays on the bottom which was typically used to show the current profile or to display team logos. However with the side OLED display, more information can be shown off that might actually be useful.

According to SteelSeries, the display can be used to “track their stats, change profiles, see their CPI settings as well as set custom logos and animations using SteelSeries Engine.” Apart from the OLED display, the mouse will also provide tactile feedback which goes beyond just the feeling of clicking the button.

The tactile feedback will alert gamers to events like cooldown timers, health status, and more, all of which are configurable and customizable. Apart from these features, the Rival 700 will sport 7 buttons and can go up to 16,000 DPI in terms of sensitivity. It will be priced at $99 and is expected to go on sale this spring.

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