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There has been talk about Microsoft possibly making a Surface Phone. The main difference here is that the Surface Phone would be a smartphone made completely from scratch by Microsoft, versus the Lumia brand which they acquired when they bought Nokia’s mobile division.


Now last we heard, the Lumia 650 was said to be the last Lumia device of the year (or ever, possibly), so could that mean that it is paving the way for the Surface Phone? If you’re looking for more evidence, it has recently been discovered that if you were to surf on down to, it will actually redirect users to Microsoft’s Surface home page.

This seems to suggest that Microsoft owns the domain, and that by redirecting users to the Surface page, it does hint that there is some kind of association going on. Alternatively we suppose it is entirely possible that Microsoft just wants to protect its intellectual property and registered the name to prevent confusion or cybersquatting.

Recently it has also been revealed that there is an unannounced Lumia Phone X/Lumia X that was accidentally revealed by Microsoft China. Some speculate that maybe this could be the Surface Phone, but we reckon it’s still too early too tell. In any case we’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft has in store for us in the future, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Is this evidence, or are we reading too much into things?

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