thingaYou can search for all kinds of things on Google, ranging from things that are perfectly innocent, all the way to the weird and mind-boggling, things that children really shouldn’t be searching for or seeing on the internet. However the good news for parents is that a new search engine is here and it is called Thinga.


This search engine is created by BJ Heinley who had previously worked on Yahoo Kids and what it does is it lets kids search the internet. However instead of Google or Bing which trawls the entire web to bring you relevant search results, how Thinga keeps kids safe is by creating a walled garden.

Basically Thinga has built its own content library that have been hand picked by Heinley’s team or pulled from websites that have been whitelisted and are kid-friendly, so basically if it isn’t inside their database, then kids won’t be able to search for it. The downside is that we suppose at the start, search results might be a little bit limited but we expect that over time it will grow.

At the moment Thinga is free to use, but Heinley expects that in the future, the company will be able to generate revenue through a subscription kids magazine called Boom. Alternatively parents or users who want to support Thinga can buy a variety of merchandise from their online store. If you want to take Thinga for a spin, then head on over to its website to check it out.

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