Superhero comics and stories are meant to appeal to as many people as possible, although there are some titles and characters that are limited to older audiences. Marvel’s Deadpool is a perfect example and it is safe to say that it is one of the few “superhero” movies to get an R-rating. Turns out that despite the rating, the movie has gone on to do extremely well for itself.


So much so that it looks like other movies are following in its footsteps. According to reports, it seems that the upcoming DC movie Batman v Superman will also be getting an R-rating. Unfortunately this is not for its theatrical release, but rather its Ultimate Edition which is basically the Blu-ray and DVD edition of the movie. Presumably with the R-rating, the Ultimate Edition will feature extra scenes and sections of the movie that would have otherwise been unsuitable for kids in the cinemas.

We’re not sure exactly what it will be, but we have to say that we are pretty excited for it. However if you are looking forward to the Ultimate Edition, chances are you will only be seeing it in the later part of the year or maybe even early 2017 as the release dates of the DVD and Blu-ray have yet to be confirmed. In the meantime Batman v Superman has been set for a worldwide release on the 25th of March, 2016.

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