If you’re looking to improve your skiing techniques without having to pay for a ski instructor, then maybe technology and wearables might be one way to go about that. In fact a company in London called Motion Metrics has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a wearable called the Carv, which is aimed at skiers.


According to the description of the device, “Inspired by Olympic technology, Carv gives you access to the feedback and knowledge that only elite skiers have had access to so far. With an extremely thin smart insert, Carv measures your motion and pressure distribution and relays feedback through your earphones in real-time.”

This is thanks to a variety of sensors that have been built into the boot insert. It can be used by casual skiers and even professionals who might want to pick up some tips on areas that they could improve upon. The accompanying app even gamifies the process, in which users can compete against their friends in various drills.

Carv will also play nicely with GoPro cameras in which users can record their runs and sync it with their GoPro footage, in which their metrics and tricks can be overlaid on top of the video. The device seems to be quite a hit because it is only a few days in but it has almost hit its goal of $50,000, so if you’d like to help, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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