iphone_6s_2Yesterday the FBI tried to reassure Apple and the public that by unlocking one phone, it will not be setting a dangerous precedent. Apparently the argument here is that it is just a single device, and nothing more. However it turns out that maybe that might not be so true after all, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, it seems that the US Department of Justice actually have at least 12 different iPhones from different criminal cases that they are seeking data from, which means should Apple acquiesce to this case, it would give the DOJ the precedent it needs for Apple to unlock other devices as well.

The report goes on to state that apparently these cases don’t involve terrorism at all, but rather drug-related cases. For example over in New York, federal prosecutors are trying to get Apple to unlock an iPhone that was seized in a drug investigation. According to the prosecutors of the case, “In most of the cases, rather than challenge the orders in court, Apple simply deferred complying with them, without seeking appropriate judicial relief.”

Interestingly enough where many major tech companies have come forward in support of Apple and their stance (unsurprisingly so since they could just as easily be compelled next), the public seems to be going the other direction, with a survey conducted by Pew Research that indicates that more than half of America thinks that Apple should unlock the iPhone.

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