Samsung-Gear-VR-07During MWC, Samsung and Facebook surprised everyone with an announcement that both companies would be working together on virtual reality. For example Facebook will be making it so that virtual reality content on its platform will load faster for VR devices like the Samsung Gear VR.

Now according to a report, Facebook has taken things one step further by actually ordering Gear VR headsets from Samsung. To be more specific, the company ordered 8,000 units with 3,000 units expected to go out to developers, and another 5,000 units going out to employees. We suppose if Facebook were to help virtual reality become more mainstream, understanding and developing for devices like the Gear VR would make sense.

It does seem a bit odd that this what Facebook has chosen to do, especially since the company has its own Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to focus on, but like we said, perhaps this is done for the greater good of the virtual reality scene in which companies right now should probably work together to create awareness and generate content, rather than fight each other over market share, at least not at first.

In the meantime Samsung has a promotion in which customers who were to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S7 will get a Gear VR headset bundled for free.

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