fallout shelterGiven that Bethesda has never made mobile games before, and with so many different mobile games available to gamers, we suppose we can’t blame Bethesda to be a bit skeptical of how well Fallout Shelter would do upon its launch, but thankfully for Bethesda the game went on to prove itself as being quite a hit.

In fact during the DICE Summit 2016, Fallout 4’s director Todd Howard revealed some interesting statistics for the game, and that is how Fallout Shelter has been played more times than the rest of the Fallout series combined. To be more specific, there have been more than 4 billion play sessions for Fallout Shelter. This is quite a leap from last August where it was reported to have been at 1 billion.

Like we said, the game has gone on to be quite a huge hit. When the game was initially available on just iOS devices, it managed to rake in $5.1 million in its first two weeks just from in-app purchases alone, and where it was speculated that the game might have beaten out the popular Candy Crush Saga in terms of revenue.

The developer has since launched a new office in Montreal which is where they are expected to focus their mobile efforts at. The company has also recently stated that due to the success of the game, they are planning on creating more mobile games in the future.

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