Google has gradually been expanding its gigabit internet service in more cities across the country. Given the significant amount of work that’s required to set up the infrastructure it has to make sure that it’s on the same page with the city and community which is why these announcements are usually made by city officials. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle announced today that Google Fiber will be coming to their city.

Google Fiber will provide gigabit internet as well as a television service to residents of Huntsville. Since laying down the groundwork is going to take time the company is shooting for a mid-2017 rollout. The company is also testing a Fiber phone service.

By mid-2017 Google hopes to connect homes and small to mid sized business to its internet service that promises speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. That’s about 85 times faster than the average current speeds available to users across the country. Google expects to provide citywide service in Huntsville within four years.

Huntsville becomes the tenth city in the United States with Google Fiber. The service is already available in cities like Austin, Kansas City and Provo. The company previously announced plans to expand to five more cities this year including Nashville.

The price point for Google Fiber in Huntsville hasn’t been confirmed yet but are likely to be in line with rates in other cities that provide gigabit internet for $70 per month and a $130 bundle that includes internet and the HD TV service with more than 150 channels.

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