microsoft-hololens-hands-on-04Virtual reality might be billed as the next frontier of gaming, but as far as Microsoft is concerned, their focus seems to be on augmented reality with the HoloLens. Now if you’re interested in developing for the headset and the platform, you will be pleased to learn that the HoloLens dev kit is currently up for pre-order.

This is according to a post on Reddit which has since been pulled, but basically the official announcement was made that the HoloLens would be available for pre-order later today on the 29th of February. This is good news for would-be developers, but the bad news is that the dev kit will not come cheap.

The HoloLens dev kit is said to be priced at $3,000 which is mighty expensive, and will come with three games that will showcase what the headset can do. The games are Young Conker, Fragments, and RoboRaid. These titles were shown off in the past but developers will now get a chance to play them if they were to purchase the headset.

As to when Microsoft will release the HoloLens, the company stated last week that they will be taking their time with the device. It seems that Microsoft is learning from their hasty launch of the Kinect sensor back in the day and are hoping to prevent a repeat of that situation, so for now it looks like the only way you’ll get the HoloLens is by shelling out $3,000 for it.

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