If they ever make a documentary about my life I would most certainly want them to get Morgan Freeman to narrate it. I am sure many have a similar wish, after all, the man has velvety pipes like no other. I don’t see them making a documentary about my life just yet so I can’t get Mr. Freeman to narrate anything about me just yet but at least, he’s going to narrate my Waze directions now.

Morgan Freeman’s voice has been added to Waze as part of a promotional push for his new movie “London Has Fallen.” Waze regularly adds celebrity narrators just to spice things up for its users and also to earn money through participating in these promotional activities.

Waze does mention that ever since it started adding celebrity narrators users have most frequently requested the company to bring Morgan Freeman onboard. Well, they have his new movie to thank for this.

“You’ve arrived. It’s been my honor and duty to see you through this mission,” is just one of the sound bites you will hear in Mr. Freeman’s silky smooth voice. There are quite a lot of them and they all sound just as glorious.

The Morgan Freeman voice commands are available for free to all Waze users who can download and apply them in the Settings menu under Sound and Voice Language.

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