If you do not have the luxury of owning a car, then public transportation is the next best thing. However, public transport can get a bit complicated because to get to certain places, you might need to take the bus and then the train, or vice versa. This means that you definitely need to plan your trip before leaving.

This is where Moovit’s app comes in handy, where in case you’re unfamiliar, it is an app that helps users plan their journeys using public transit networks. If you’re a Moovit user or if the app interests you, then you might be even more interested to learn that Moovit and Waze have teamed up, where Waze’s Carpool feature will now be integrated into the app.

What this means is that in addition to your usual public transit options, there will also be the option of looking for a Waze driver to carpool with. This basically gives users more options when it comes to choosing how they want to get to their destination, so you could take a train to some place and for the last leg of the journey, you could hop into a Waze Carpool.

That being said, the Waze Carpool integration is currently in testing where it will only be available to users in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel. It will also currently only available for Android but it is expected to find its way to iOS shortly.

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