So you’re on the web looking up directions on how to get to your destination, and now that you found it, you want to send those directions to your phone. If you use Google Maps, it’s not that hard, but what if you prefer using a different navigation app such as Waze? If you’re a Waze user, then you’re in luck.

Waze has recently announced a new feature that they’ll be bringing to their web and mobile platforms, where users can now search up a direction on the web via Waze’s Live Map feature, and then send it to their mobile devices on both iOS and Android. This means that you can seamlessly transition from web to mobile in an instant.

Users can also do more than just send directions. Users can also choose when they would like to reach their destination, and from there and based on traffic, Waze will also notify users when it is time to leave if they want to get to their destination on time. Waze has also announced that they will be giving users the ability to sync and save their favorite locations, where they can then easily bring it up on the web version of Waze so that they won’t have to keep entering their locations everytime.

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