Waze today announced that it’s launching a feature that has long been required by Waze Carpool users. It’s now allowing them to invite multiple passengers to join a carpool. This will let them easily choose more people from their Carpool crew and then ride with them together as this will open up the HOV 3+ express lanes for drivers.

This isn’t something like an Uber Pool even though one can draw a parallel between the two. When Waze launched the service last year, it pointed out that drivers could only offer two trips a day.

This feature is primarily meant to match users with other people who both live and work in similar locations. This is being done to make car journeys more efficient instead of making people undertake more individual car journeys.

Once drivers have confirmed a ride, they can tap on the + icon in the app to invite more riders on their route with a minimal detour. As more riders accept the carpool ride, drivers can save even more on their commute. They can fill up to four seats in a carpool with prices being adjusted so that they don’t exceed the total sumo of gas as well as wear and tear.

Waze Carpool users will be able to access this new feature starting this week. It’s available everywhere Waze offers its Carpool service.

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