samsung_charm_1The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were no doubt the highlight of Samsung’s announcement at MWC 2016. However that’s not all the company had in store. In a recent post on their website, Samsung detailed some of the accessories that would be compatible with its flagship handset, and one of those accessories is the Samsung Charm.

The Samsung Charm is essentially a fitness tracker. However unlike most fitness trackers that might come across looking too sporty, the Samsung Charm actually looks pretty sleek and elegant, not to mention discreet. With its design, it would be easy to mistake the device as a bangle on your wrist, but we guess therein lies its charm (pun intended).

samsung_charm_2According to Samsung, the Charm will be good for up to 18 days on a single charge, as long as the LED notifications are turned off. The device pairs with your Samsung device via Bluetooth and can pretty much do what most trackers do, which is count steps, distances, and calories. It will even sync with Samsung’s S Health app. No heart rate monitoring here, we’re afraid.

It will also be able to notify you of incoming or missed calls and messages. The Charm is available in two different designs – a bar design and a square design, with the latter reminding us of a more stylish version of the Misfit Shine.

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