Android and iOS are two of the most widely used mobile operating systems in the world. They have effectively wiped out the likes of Windows Phone and BlackBerry but Samsung is still trying to push Tizen, even though it’s not making that big of a deal out of it. Listing on an import tracking database shows that Samsung has started testing a new Tizen smartphone that will likely be out later this year.

Samsung has seen a considerable amount of the success with the Z1 and Z3. Both Tizen-powered smartphones have sold well in emerging markets like India and Bangladesh. It’s believed that Samsung is going to try and push Tizen in Europe now with a new handset that might arrive in Russia first.

A listing on Indian import tracker Zauba shows that Samsung has imported SM-Z510 in the country for testing. The model number hints that this device will be called the Samsung Z5 when it’s ready to be publicly launched.

There’s speculation that the Z5 might actually be made out of metal which would certainly lend a premium look and feel to the handset, something that has been missing from the Tizen smartphones that have been released by Samsung so far.

No details about the specifications and features are available right now and it’s too soon to say when this handset will arrive and how much it’s going to cost. We’ll find that out in due time.

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