surface pro 3 lego modThere are so many accessories that we bring with us for our laptops and tablets. For example we might have flash drives, external hard drives, maybe a battery pack, a mouse, charging cables, and etc. Sometimes it can get pretty messy, but one Redditor by the name of Splice1138 has come up with a pretty clever way of handling that.

What he has done is create a LEGO mod for his Surface Pro 3 tablet. Essentially what he has done is taken a simple grey LEGO baseplate and cut it out and fit it onto the back of the tablet. Given that the Surface Pro 3 has a kickstand, he had to make sure that the baseplate was cut nicely to allow the kickstand to remain functional.

He then attached some additional LEGO pieces onto the back of some of the accessories and peripherals that he uses, like a USB hub, battery pack, cables, and more. It is a pretty clever idea and it’s definitely not the first LEGO mod we’ve seen. It is obviously not for sale but if you are so inclined and want to create one of your own, then pop on over to his Imgur album and check out the photos where hopefully you’ll be able to create one for yourself after this.

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