Toshiba-WearvueBack in January, Toshiba announced an upcoming wearable called the Wearvue TG-01. This headset isn’t so much designed for the average Joe, but rather it was designed for workers in warehouses or factories that might need to keep their hands free but still needed to access information at the same time.


Unfortunately it seems that a week before the device was supposed to go on sale, Toshiba has decided to cancel it. The headset was supposed to begin shipping on the 29th of February, according to Toshiba when they first announced it. According to a spokesman, apparently this decision did not come lightly. “Because the glasses-type device had gained great interest, including among the media, we wanted to consider until the very last minute.”

So what was the reason for the cancellation? According to the spokesman, this was part of Toshiba’s rebuilding initiative in which the company had to focus its resources selectively, and we guess while there could have been great interest in the headset, maybe there wasn’t enough demand of it for Toshiba to turn a tidy profit on it.

Either way it is rather disappointing and we can only imagine that customers who have placed their online orders can’t be too happy about the cancellation.

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