htc-vive-consumer-edition-1The HTC Vive pre-orders are now live and despite its hefty price tag, it seems that the headset has proven to be quite a hit. According to HTC employee Shen Ye, he claims that the company has managed to sell more than 15,000 units in the first 10 minutes of the pre-orders opening up to the public.

Now to be fair, Ye did not mention sales. Instead he just said, “Woah, more than 15k units in less than 10min.” This has since been interpreted to mean that 15,000 units have been pre-ordered, but we could be wrong so try not to take this at face value, at least until HTC makes an official statement. However if it is true, it sure sounds like pretty good news for the company.

The HTC Vive is currently the most pricey virtual reality headset of the bunch. The headset is priced at $799 which makes it $200 more than than the Oculus Rift, who many had initially complained about its price but compared to the HTC Vive, it looks pretty cheap. No word on how much Sony plans on pricing the PlayStation VR, but last we heard it would be priced between $400-$600.

In any case like we said, this is good news for HTC who has been struggling in the recent years with their mobile products. If the HTC Vive takes off, it could mark a new direction that HTC could considering focusing on in the future.

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