sony-morpheus-gdc2014-hubert-nguyenDuring CES 2016, Oculus announced that the Oculus Rift would be available for pre-order and that it would be priced at $599. This is a big deal because this means that we now have another virtual reality headset that is one step closer to being made a reality. However with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift getting so much attention, it’s easy to forget about the PlayStation VR.

The good news is that Sony is still hard at work on it and during an interview with the BBC, Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai revealed some additional details about the PlayStation VR. According to Hirai, it seems that VR gamers won’t have to worry about a lack of titles because Sony has many developers working on games and that there will be more than 100 titles available.

Of course not all 100 will be available at launch, but 100 is still pretty sizable especially when you consider how new virtual reality gaming is. Hirai did not mention how much the headset would cost, but according to SuperData, it is estimated to cost anywhere between $400-$600. This is in line with what we had previously heard, where the headset was estimated to be around the price of a new gaming console.

However given the reactions that many gamers have had with regards to the Oculus Rift’s $599 price tag, we’re pretty sure Sony would want to avoid a similar reaction as well, not to mention undercutting the Oculus Rift would go a long way in ensuring that they sell more units, similar to what they did with the PlayStation 4 where it was initially priced cheaper than the Xbox One.

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