apple_payAt the moment Apple Pay can be used in retail stores where the payment service is accept. It is also usable when it comes to purchasing apps, but since there are more ways to purchase something other than the store, such as via websites, the good news is that Apple Pay will soon support websites.

This is according to a report from Re/code who has learnt that Apple Pay will soon come with support for websites, meaning that you should soon be able to use Apple Pay when shopping online and validate that payment via your fingerprint (if you’re using your iPhone) as opposed to having to keep entering your credit card details.

The report goes on to add that this will only work with the Safari browser and that Apple has considered making it a feature for its laptops and desktops as well, but for now it is unclear if that will happen, but at the very least support for mobile will be there. If Apple were to move into this space, this will be taking the likes of PayPal on which is currently being used by many websites as an alternative payment method.

Apple is also reportedly pitching the idea to retailers as a way of converting mobile visitors to customers since making payments will be more convenient. Take it with a grain of salt for now as we have no idea when Apple will launch said feature, but with WWDC taking place in the next few months, perhaps we will learn more then.

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