For most people the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the BMW 7 Series is just about as luxurious as a car can get. There are people with deeper pockets who want more and for them, companies like Mercedes have ultra-luxurious models. BMW is looking to compete directly with Mercedes-Maybach S600 and Pullman luxury models so it’s going to expand its lineup with at least one additional model which will be ultra-luxurious and will be placed above the 7 Series flagship.

“Just like certain competitors, we will see that we occupy with credible offers the price bracket of €150,000 (about $170,000) and beyond,” said BMW development head Klaus Froehlich in an interview with Automotive News.

BMW has hinted that the upcoming ultra-luxurious model, tentatively called the 9 Series, isn’t going to be a stretched version of the 7 Series. The new car will share its basic platform with the long-wheelbase version of the 7 Series. It’s believed to adopt a sleek and stylish design which will be similar to the Gran Coupe versions of the 4 Series and the 6 Series.

BMW is going to unveil the 9 Series at a major car show in 2019. It will go on sale in early 2020 with a triple-digit base price. Engine choices will range from a plug-in hybrid to twin-turbocharged V8 and V12 motors providing as much as 650 horsepower.

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