FBIDo you still feel the repercussions from the FBI being able to crack open a locked iPhone 5c that was used by the perpetrator in the San Bernardino terror attacks, even after Apple had steadfastly refused to assist the FBI in doing so for fear of setting a precedent, and then making a turn-about when the FBI were successful without Apple’s help? Well, it seems that this newfound knowledge is being put to good use, as the FBI will be assisting prosecutors to gain access to an iPhone 6 and an iPod which might carry evidence in an Arkansas murder trial.

According to Cody Hiland, prosecuting attorney for Arkansas’ 20th Judicial District, he mentioned that the FBI’s Little Rock field office would play a role in assisting his department access a pair of locked devices that were owned by two of the suspects who were involved in the murders of Robert and Patricia Cogdell.

Of course, we have absolutely no idea whatsoever if the FBI will make use of a similar method that it did on Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone 5c, and an FBI spokesman in Washington declined to comment on the matter, but if one were to take into consideration the probability of it, then it would be rather high, don’t you think so?

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