india-solar-carThe idea of a world that gets around without the need for fossil fuel is an utopian dream for the moment, although the likes of Tesla vehicles would surely challenge the norm. In fact, the Indian Government might be looking into cleaning up its air and streets with the proliferation of electric cars.

Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of State for Power, Coal, and New and Renewable Energy, has made mention that his country’s government is currently exploring the possibility and viability of a plan to ensure that every single ride in the world’s most populous democracy would be an electric or hybrid electric vehicle by the time 2030 arrived.

Now this is certainly a tall order, taking into consideration that we are just 14 years away from that date, and that not everyone in the country is rich enough or have climbed up the economic ladder to be able to purchase a vehicle, let alone an electric car. Not only that, electric cars are still not as affordable as your regular gas-powered one, but perhaps the economy of scale might change the odds in the years to come, who knows? Perhaps having electric-powered bicycles and motorcycles would be a more achievable target at the moment. Do you think that other countries should have similar ambitions as well?

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