lifewipesThere has been some zany Kickstarter projects that we have seen in the past, including one that raised funds for a potato salad, now how about that? Here is another one that is also quite practical – known as Life Wipes, and this Kickstarter project with a funding goal of $5,000 has managed to surpass said goal in just a single day, and judging by the way things are going, it might even hit the $100,000 mark with the remaining 55 more days.


Life Wipes were inspired by a passion for adventure and it has been designed with practicality in mind, as they are touted to be large enough to wipe you down nice and clean without missing a beat. Just think of those wet wipes, and then multiply the size many, many, many times over, and you would have gotten a good idea on how it works. We are talking about 2 feet by 1 feet, which should be more than adequate to get rid of whatever life throws at you. It would be far more convenient and economical to wipe yourself down with one of these whenever you can’t get a bath right there and then, compared to using a few packets of wet wipes.

Or, one can always make use of a towel of equal size and pouring some water onto the towel to wet it before going to proceed with a wipe down. What do you think? Are the Life Wipes more environmentally friendly in this manner?

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