SoundCloud, one of the largest online music platforms, today announced the launch of a subscription music service called SoundCloud Go. The paid service brings an additional layer of music and supporting features. It will provide subscribers with access to tens of thousands of artists as SoundCloud has partnered with major labels like Universal, Warner, Sony and Merlin to bring their artists to SoundCloud Go.

No changes are being made to the SoundCloud experience that millions of people already known and love. This is an additional service that people can sign up for if they don’t mind paying $9.99 per month. That’s what other major streaming services like Spotify charge from the premium subscribers.

SoundCloud Go has been rolled out in the United States today and it will go live in other territories later this year. Subscribers will get access to the full repertoire of artists signed to major and independent labels. SoundCloud’s new service supports offline listening and provides an uninterrupted ad-free experience on both the web and mobile apps.

Users who don’t want to pay $9.99 for this service can continue to use SoundCloud in the way they always have. There won’t be a change in that experience. Those who do sign up for SoundCloud Go will receive a free 30-day trial before they decide whether or not they want to be billed $9.99 per month for the service.

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