What do you do when you’re a billionaire and CEO of several tech companies with seemingly too much time on your hands? If your name is Elon Musk, then perhaps releasing an EDM track on SoundCloud could be a good way to pass the time, which is exactly what Musk did when he released a song called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”.

According to Musk’s tweets, it seems that this is a song that he had written by himself along with the lyrics. The decision to release a song seemed to have come out of the blue, but to be honest, after taking a listen to it, it’s actually not halfway bad. Had Musk’s name not been attached to it, we’re sure that many would agree that’s not a bad song.

Of course, now that we know it was written and performed by Musk, naturally a lot more scrutiny has been placed on the song. We’re not sure if there are plans by Musk to release a full album of EDM tracks, but for what appears to be his first release, it’s not a bad effort.

That being said, it’s not hard to imagine why Musk might be in such a good mood. Tesla’s stock prices are soaring thanks to a positive earnings report; SpaceX is making excellent progress with its commercial crew flight program; and Musk’s Starlink internet project also seems to be coming along rather nicely.

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