SoundCloud launched its own music streaming service called SoundCloud Go back in 2016. It made some changes to this service in 2017 and added a new tier called SoundCloud Go+ which cost $5 per month. The original $10 tier was renamed SoundCloud Go+. The company has announced that SoundCloud+ now does lossless music streaming.

When the two tiers were separated, SoundCloud had said that not only would Go+ subscribers get access to more tracks but they would also receive exclusive product features that would be launched later. This is one such feature.

The company already allows artists to make lossless format songs available for download. It’s now allowing listeners to stream then in their original quality. SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can now opt for high quality audio streaming at no additional charge. They will thus be able to stream all content uploaded to SoundCloud in a lossless format in its original form.

Existing SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can enable this option by heading to the Settings menu and enabling lossless streaming from the “Streaming quality” option. It has enabled lossless audio streaming without raising the cost of this tier. SoundCloud Go+ is still priced at $10 per month. That’s a pretty good deal, assuming that the artists that the subscriber wants to listen to actually upload songs in lossless format.

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