In a bid to be more user-friendly to the countless independent artists that upload music to its platform, SoundCloud has now introduced a music distribution tool. The tool will enable artists to distribute their uploaded music to other services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Instagram, and Napster.

The SoundCloud Premiere distribution tool is going to be available for free to all eligible Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers. The tool has been launched in beta right now. The platform has said that it won’t keep a cut of the earnings that artists make after using its tool to upload their music to other platforms. It also pledges to streamline payments for them while also reiterating that artists will get to keep all of the rights to their work.

One important thing to keep in mind is that only original music can be distributed using SoundCloud Premiere. Checks will be in place to ensure that people don’t try to sneak works that don’t belong to them through. Audiobooks, podcasts, classical works, and white noise aren’t eligible for distribution through this tool as well. SoundCloud will also remove remixes, mashups, DJ sets or music that a user does not have the rights to.

Those creators who are eligible for this beta will be notified by SoundCloud from today. The pre-requisites for using this tool include having at least 1,000 plays over the last month in countries where SoundCloud ads and listener subscriptions are available. Those who meet the requirements will see a Distribute button in their track manager.

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